1st Talk for Kids
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP



1stTalk for Kids is a software tool that can help your 18-36-month old kid to associate pictures with sounds in multiple languages.

Colours, Animals, Numbers in English, Polish, Arabic are ready-made examples of what 1stTalk for Kids can teach your kid.

1stTalk for Kids can enhance your kid's memory and mouse control in a fun and an unsupervised way.

1stTalk for Kids is a fully user-extensible system. You can add/edit/remove pictures and associated sounds by simply creating new folders and populating them with your own *.bmp and *.wav files. You can for example add Shapes, Letters, Face Parts, Transport Modes etc...


Download your free copy now and give your kid a head start in life, and give you an hour or two rest every day.


2002 Ali Adams
All rights reserved