AliClock for .NET

Atomic, Academic, and Gregorian/Hijri Clock





A beautiful translucent clock with a week display and a hijri date viewer.


Atomic Clock too. Just double click the minutes and it will time-sync with one of the many Internet time-servers using SNTP protocol.


AliClock is a freeware and supplied as is without any implicit or explicit warrantee or fitness for purpose assurances.


Download AliClock      &       Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable


I have developed it as a freeware and all I'm asking for is to read the following revelation in the Quran asking God to bring forward the second coming of the Saviours (imam Mehdi + Jesus) to save our Earth from corruption and injustice:


Quran [27:62]:


Which means:

(Who answers the desperate and relieves the distress of those who are praying for help, and makes you the inheritors of Earth [led by the saviours as per Quran 21:105]? Is there a god beside God? Oh, how little you do remember [of your acknowledgement of Me as your Lord in the spirit world as per Quran 7:172])


May God bless us all with guidance to the Right Path.


Ali Adams

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Quran [7:172]

“And when your Lord brought forth from the children of Adam, from their loins, their seed, and made them testify of themselves, saying:

-Am I not your Lord?

-They answered: Yes, verily. We testify.

Never say on the Day of Judgment: Oh! Of this we were unaware!”


Quran [21:105]

"We wrote in the Psalms, after we decreed the law for all beings that only my righteous servants shall inherit Earth."






©2005 Ali Adams